College Management Software

Cloud based software solutions that make college management functionalities a walk in the park! Enjoy the edge of an open source platform for all competitive tasks

Our solutions build on innovation

College Management Software managing a spate of services at college levels

College Management Software indeed flutters the dove coats these days by managing a spate of services at college levels. These solutions are supposed to be affordable services for the colleges. No wonder that such affordable solutions will have their place in the fringe of global education. Om Web Technologies is proud to cater meaningful contributions in the regard and take its stand in a significant manner.

Open infrastructure enhancing functionalities

We focus on open infrastructure based models. We believe that it is an air of open infrastructure that can make room for proper improvements in the inner circles of a college. While masterminding as well as ,manufacturing streamlined solutions we have our eyes fixed on augmented functionalities. We believe that colleges should be able to run their educational as well as administrative operations and functions more efficiently by resorting to these international standard solutions. Colleges should be able to use our solutions to

  • Streamline college management system
  • Ensure compliance
  • Streamline admission management
  • Reinforce information systems related to student
  • Improve retention
  • Increase student placement and recruitment

Specific software solutions that we bring to you

Om Web Technologies makes it a point to add to the capacities of the colleges by bringing in an array of solutions that matter for the students, teachers as well as parents. Our solutions include

  • Maintaining student relationship
  • Maintaining precision in attendance management system
  • Taking care of enrollment
  • Providing career services
  • Assigning faculties
  • Taking care of hostel modules
  • Providing financial management software
  • Providing campus management software
  • Taking care of SAAS models
  • Providing institute management software

All the solutions which we have with us would be good enough to do justice to your specific requirements related to college management system. You can find all the detailed information that you need on our streamlined solutions for college management system. So, without wasting any more time call us up to enjoy a totally bug free experience.