Privacy Policy is owned and managed by Om Web Technologies. Here we have underlined the basic policies governing the uses and disclosure of all the information collected by the company from its users. If any of the users provides its information, the use of the information is the sole discretion of the company and the users would have to follow the rules of the privacy policy.
By using the website or the services linked with website in any form, users must agree to the consent being enlisted under the privacy policies of the company. Users must use the website in accordance with the terms and conditions.
We respect your personal data and are always on toes to protect in any way we can. Here we have enlisted some of the few ways that may represent how we may use your personal data.

Information we collect

We may collect your personal information. Personal information as identified by Om Web Technologies is anything that identifies your identity but is not limited to your name, address, postal code, email or nay other information like occupation or interest or confidential information you used for making transaction.


We hereby declare that the personal information we collect is taken full care. We tend to inform you when any such information is collected.

Om web Technologies do not reproduces or shares your information except for the instances below

We may send your personal information to other companies linked to us that may in any way contribute to our growth or will use the information for their benefit or third parties which may use the information but are totally trusted. Such information may be collected using payment transactions, sending mails, database storage, and content management services and or hosting and management services.
We may also use your identity if by anyway it is concluded that you are harming and or threatening our users or are violating any of your policies.

Data security

We follow privacy and security methods to preserve your identity. However, if in any case any leakage happens, we do not take the responsibility or whatsoever.


We do not knowingly collect or use the information of users below 18 years of age.