February 2016

Getting the Best E-commerce Platform for Your Online Business is Not Perturbing Anymore

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Considering that the online presence of your business is crucial to get the word spread among the consumer sphere existing in the internet, eCommerce websites are tremendously beneficial helping your consumers to find more information about your products. Following the well-known phrase ‘time is money’, time is essence in the sphere of the ecommerce arena. Being significant for the consumer and owner, the ecommerce has emerged as a timesaver for both of the parties. Now, as a consumer if you do not find the products easily, you are destined to move away to the next seller available on internet. Replacing the conventional method of commerce, eCommerce has made single transaction possible where a few click and a few minutes can be beneficial for both the business and the consumer with efficiency.

How Would You Judge An E-commerce Platform?

  • Ease of use: Whether you believe it or not, even if your eCommerce website has the most amazing features but is not easy to use, you will lose your potential customers. What everyone is looking for is an eCommerce website that is easy to access and a few clicks will solve the need.

Om Web Technologies is one of the widely availed services in Delhi for the purpose of effective e-commerce web designing. With the industry trained and highly expert web developers, they continue to be the first destination as they customize the website with proper SEO, and help you to rank in first few in SERPs. If you are wandering why they have been being chosen for long tether, you can visit http://www.omwebsoft.com/web-design/ecommerce-web-design.html to know strategies that they adopt.


  • Stock size: Stock size of your e-commerce website truly matters. More variety you offer more options a consumer has in front. Now considering that people like to see assortment and diversity, it is obligatory for you that you have a satisfying stock. At the same time you will also require to have an eye on that fact that you are not paying much for the services that you require. 
  • Focus on SEO: According to the research results found by IPSOS in 2012, 44% of every online purchase begins with an online search. So what is important is your e-commerce site needs to be found easily on search engines. Effective SEO can ensure that the pages of you e-commerce website appears as relevant as possible to a search engine for the search terms i.e. keywords that the prospective and potential customers are using.

In the crowded city of Delhi, there are hundreds of companies offering SEO services to be effective for your e-commerce website. Om Web Technologies has been successfully delivering customers to its clients with the most effective SEO designed to make the e-commerce website successful. Don’t miss the opportunity!  

  • Pricing Of the product and the quality delivered: Even though many people have a pre-conceived notion that products sold via e-commerce website are not of great quality, but this can be you plus point as well. You must deliver the quality you promise on the website. There should not be any complain regarding the quality of the products from the customers. And what you must remember that your potential customer will be logging into your website to find the greatest offer at the cheapest price. After a competitive price analysis, you will have to decide the pricing so that you can offer the best prices to your customer without incurring a loss in the business. Best pricing strategy for your e-commerce website is highly recommended.


  • Secure transactions, transparent shipping, promo T&C: The security of the confidential information like credit card data will always be a prime concern for customers. Therefore it will always be mandatory for your e-commerce website to offer safe and secured transactions. Considering SSL certifications mandatory for websites, you must use various SSL certificate tools to check the status of your certificate.

As online trading can be done from anywhere, it is obligatory to deliver the products to the respective destinations on time. You must not ever play any trick to entice the customers to buy any product. Basically shipping terms and conditions must be transparent. Just in case, you are thinking to charge for shipping, mention it clearly in your website.

The offers or promo code you offer must work well your customers start their checkout process. Even though there is gigantic misleading offered by many vendors, you must keep an eye so that the actual cost of the product will be higher than the competitors.

Bottom Line:

Finally, it is time for the bottom line. When you are getting your e-commerce website designed, make sure you also see it from a customer perspective. Profit making is definitely your imperative, but to provide easily understood navigation to the customer is your duty. And if you e-commerce is not designed in compliance with responsive web design, that can be an impediment stopping traffic driving to your site. A recent research says, approximately 40% shoppers abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. So you must aim to implement a design that loads all the assets quickly. Serve the promised quality and charge the competitive price. That’s all you need to reach the pinnacle of success.

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